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Dentures That Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

Implant Supported Dentures


Implant supported dentures combine dentures and dental implants to replace teeth with great comfort, stability, and functionality than traditional dentures alone. For patients who are worried about dentures falling out, or missing out on their favourite foods, implant-supported dentures can be just what they’re looking for.


What Are Implant Supported Dentures


Implant supported dentures are dentures held in place using dental implants. Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots, that sit in the jaw where real tooth roots used to be. Once they’ve settled into the bone, they can be used to anchor a variety of restorations, from a single tooth to a full arch of teeth.


While a single implant is typically used to replace a single tooth, a full set of dentures can be supported on just four precisely placed implants. This provides maximum stability of the denture without the cost or invasiveness of replacing each tooth individually.


Implant supported dentures can either be fixed in place, or removable. Removable dentures can be taken out by the patient for cleaning and maintenance. Fixed implant supported dentures can still be taken out, but require specialist tools at a dental clinic.


Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures


There are many benefits to implant supported dentures over traditional dentures.



Is Everyone Able to Get Implant Supported Dentures?


Unfortunately dental implants are not suitable for all patients. There are several qualifying factors, such as bone density, health habits, and the patient’s general suitability for surgery.


Our team in Braselton will be more than happy to give you an assessment and determine whether implant supported dentures are right for you. Contact our team today to book an appointment and find out more.

Dr. Oluyemi Workman Dr. Oluyemi Workman is the owner and founder of Braselton Smile Studio in Braselton Georgia. Her mission for Braselton Smile Studio is simple - treat her patients like family and provide a wonderful dental experience for her patients.

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