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Same Day Dental Crown

Braselton Smile Studio: Oluyemi Workman, DDS

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Crowns are the right choice for many men and women, and they might be perfect for you, too. The number of Americans with dental crowns is on the rise. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 15 million people in the United States have crowns put in place of missing teeth. General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Oluyemi Workman, DDS, and the team at Braselton Smile Studio in Braselton, Georgia, are experienced professionals who offer same-day appointments to fit into your busy schedule. You can even get same-day dental crowns! Book your appointment online or by calling now.

Same Day Dental Crown Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is a piece of metal, plastic, ceramic, or porcelain that covers a damaged tooth. It’s sculpted to the shape of the original tooth and improves its appearance and strength. The crown goes over the original tooth and is bonded into place, covering it from the gum line up.

Why would I need a crown?

There are a number of reasons Braselton Smile Studio's knowledgeable team might recommend a crown. A crown can cover:

  • Dental implants
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Root canal-treated teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Large old-style fillings

Dental crowns can restore your smile's beauty in a variety of situations.



What type of crown is best for my teeth?

There are a variety of dental crown materials to consider. Crown materials can include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Gold or another alloy
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Resin
  • Ceramic, including same-day CEREC crowns

The material used depends on several factors. For example, stainless steel is often used to make temporary crowns. Metal crowns are sturdy and endure chewing well, but due to their color, they're commonly reserved for rear molars.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns looks more like natural teeth than metal crowns but have some drawbacks. For example, the metal portion of the crown might show as a dark line close to the gums. The opposing teeth may also experience more wear than they would with another type of crown.

All-ceramic crowns are the best option for most patients today, for a few important reasons. First, ceramic is tooth color so it blends in perfectly with your other teeth. There’s also the convenience factor.

Braselton Smile Studio offers Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) crowns that you can get in same-day visits.

What is the CEREC crown procedure like?

 First, Dr. Workman creates a 3D impression of your teeth using a high-tech digital imaging system. This image goes to the on-site CEREC milling unit, where your custom crown is made. 

Dr. Workman customizes the newly made crown, painting and glazing it to your tooth color. She bonds your new crown in place and you're done. You can get a new fully customized permanent crown in just one office visit with the CEREC system.

If you need a crown or have other dental care needs, the professional team at Braselton Smile Studio is always ready to work with your busy schedule. Use the online appointment tool or call to schedule your same-day appointment now.