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What to Expect When Getting a Tooth Extracted

What to Expect When Getting a Tooth Extraction 

Thanks to modern dentistry, tooth extractions nowadays are not as common as they used to be a decade ago. Today, dentists try to save even the most badly damaged teeth from getting extracted. However, there are still some cases where your dentist may have to pull out a tooth. If your dentist has recommended getting one of your teeth extracted, and you’re wondering what to expect during the procedure, then read on. 

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Tooth Extraction; What Happens During the Procedure 

Dental extraction is a simple procedure that is normally completed within an hour. Here are the steps involved in the tooth extraction process:

That’s it. Your tooth has been removed. 

What to Expect Following Tooth Extraction 

A few hours after the extraction, the effect of the anesthetic will eventually wear off, and may cause slight pain and discomfort. To prevent this, your dentist Braselton may prescribe you pain medication - to take after the extraction so that you remain pain-free. 

The American Dental Association has given the following instructions to ensure optimal healing of the extraction site:

  1. Avoid heating hard foods for a few days. Try to chew from the other side for the next few days
  2. Do not touch the extraction site with your fingers or tongue 
  3. Avoid smoking or alcoholic beverages for 24 hours 
  4. Do not use a straw to drink anything for the next 24 hours 
  5. Limit strenuous physical activity for the next 24 hours as it may result in the dislodgment of the clot
  6. Place an ice pack over the face; this will help in minimizing discomfort and swelling.

Tooth extraction is a safe and usually a pain-free procedure when done by an experienced Dentist in Braselton. If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Braselton, look no more! At Braselton Smile Studio, we offer high-quality dental services under one roof, in a comfortable, relaxing environment, and at affordable rates. Reserve an appointment with us today and take your first step towards a healthy, beautiful and lasting smile. 


Dr. Oluyemi Workman Dr. Oluyemi Workman is the owner and founder of Braselton Smile Studio in Braselton Georgia. Her mission for Braselton Smile Studio is simple - treat her patients like family and provide a wonderful dental experience for her patients.

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