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A Simple Solution for Missing Teeth

The Essential Guide to Dental Implants
Living with missing teeth means living with issues impacting your smile, speech, eating, and more daily activities. It can leave you in pain, inconvenienced, and self-conscious. It also can cause existing teeth to shift because of the empty spaces in your mouth if you don’t address it, requiring expensive orthodontic work. 
A missing tooth that in a visible spot can affect your smile and appearance. It can reduce self-esteem and even cause you to stop smiling. When you stop smiling, your personal and professional relationships can suffer. A missing tooth can also cause other serious dental problems over time. If left untreated, this could cause tooth pain, toothaches, or even a dental emergency. 
If you’re missing one or more teeth, you no longer have to suffer. Too many people live with the challenge of having missing teeth and don’t know there’s a simple solution that can resolve all the issues caused by having a missing tooth.
Imagine being able to order anything on a menu, not just what you think you can easily chew. Imagine being able to indulge in anything they serve at parties, weddings, or other business or personal events. Imagine not having to hide your smile out of fear that people will notice the gap in your teeth.
There is a simple solution to help you get your smile back, avoid expensive orthodontic work caused by the rest of your teeth shifting, and having to worry about denture glue, cups of teeth by the sink, or the risk of losing your dentures—or having them fall out mid-meal!
How it works?
Dental implants are custom-made replacement teeth that are inserted into your mouth to help you get your smile, feel, and function back after the loss of a tooth. During the procedure, a dentist with specialized training in implant dentistry will get you comfortable. Once comfortable, the dentist will fuse a small titanium post into your jawbone to create a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new replacement.

Once the titanium post has made a strong bond, we will make a mold of your mouth in order to build a tooth that effortlessly blends in and functions with your other teeth, so nobody will know it is not your natural tooth! When the replacement tooth is complete,  your mouth transformation will be complete, and you will be free to enjoy your life without worrying about your missing tooth anymore!
How much does it cost?
The out-of-pocket cost for dental implants depends on each patient’s exact needs and dental insurance plans, which may help significantly lower your cost. However, the average fee for a dental implant is $1500 monthly inclusive of placement of the dental implant,  the crown (tooth), the abutment (the part that connects the crown and the implant), all parts, lab fees, and the dentists' fee.
If you’re ready to take the next step to the life you deserve, we will work with you to fully understand out-of-pocket costs, insurance coverage, and monthly financing options to help so you can help fit a new smile and renewed mouth health into your budget.
The Next Step
If you’re ready to stop letting missing teeth hold you back from the life you deserve, all you need to do is schedule a consultation by clicking here
During your consultation, you will relax in our comfortable, no-pressure office, enjoy complimentary gourmet coffees and teas, and get the same VIP treatment we give all our amazing patients. We will answer any questions you may have and talk with you about your general and mouth health to determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants and help you make the best decision for getting your smile back to where it should be.
We surveyed our dental implant patients and asked them what their biggest dental challenge was. The majority of them said that missing multiple teeth gave them the most problems. The fact that they had multiple teeth missing gave them significant issues eating, smiling, and resulted loss in their self confidence. If you are suffering from these same factors call your Braselton dental implant specialist - Braselton Smile Studio!
Dr. Oluyemi Workman Dr. Oluyemi Workman is the owner and founder of Braselton Smile Studio in Braselton Georgia. Her mission for Braselton Smile Studio is simple - treat her patients like family and provide a wonderful dental experience for her patients.

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